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The Times at Times Square.....

Updated: May 5, 2022

As I sit at the table of The Whaling City Diner, I peer over the balcony, down to the lobby doors and begin to smile. I see a young girl jumping out of a Bluebird taxi on a dark, wet, stormy morning. She holds a heavy, long, black leather shearling high above her freshly styled signiture black bob to protect her "Lori-Look" hairstyle from the weather. Dressed in a thrifted army green oversized mens blazer and black riding boots, she rushes through the atrium, and arrives at the quaint, trendy hair salon called "Christines Of Times Square."

Tucked in the corner amongst a row of petite offices, stores and sandwich shops, Christines is that salon... I mean THAT salon! Everyone wants an appointment with one of Christines talented crew. And, if they are patient enough, they may land an appointment after a long wait. Stylist to the stars, Troi Ollivierre once stood beside Christine. He took his talent to the Big Apple. Now Troi's portfolio book is sits on the table of the waiting area full of insanely different haircuts available to the next daring client. But that's if the hairstylist is wild enough to attempt to recreate one of Troi's unique creations! The "new girl" stands at Troi's former station. Her mind preparing for a challenge. In the background, she hears Christine reassuring the client that the new girl is talented. The client, hold open a page in Troi's style big sits in the chair.

As I sit on the balcony replaying this scene in my minds eye, a warm feeling comes over me, then an adrenaline rush, then nervousness, then a feeling of courage. Ya see, that "new girl" is me, Lori! The scene is 1990, the beginning of my Thirty+ year journey within the amazing beauty industry. I was elated to be a part of this crew, and I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about my craft. It felt good to know that Christine hand picked me fresh out of beauty school, but boy i was scared to be on that platform! I now had to live up to my skill. I remember the first client I did [of hers] as she looked on, stepping away from her chair from time to time to help me develop my technique of making face framing wisps on my [her] client. I was nervous at the start of each client, but quickly grew more comfortable as I realized, this was going to be my lifelong profession...

Ironically, as I was writing this piece, I saw Christine at a local fundraiser. After a long embrace, we snapped the pictures below. She always lets me know how proud she is of me and my accomplishments since her tutelage. And I always show my gratitude. Christine gave me the opportunity to see just what I was made of. The road wasn't always smooth. In fact, it was rather bumpy. And you know what?... I wouldn't change that at all. I mean, if it wasn't bumpy, how would I really learn? Where would my resilience come from? How would I ever have grown into who I am today, or arrive where I am today? And how would I have gained the wisdom to share with the next amazing stylists who are inspired to follow my footsteps?

I will end this "snippet of my life and career" with a big shout out to those who have influenced my path directly and indirectly. And because of you all, I promise to do the same!!!


Below are photos of Christine and I at a recent function. While writing this blog I felt compelled to visit our former salon space in the Times Square building, and snap some pics. Oh the memories!!!

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