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Brides! It's that time of year again!! Here's what the experts say ......

I always tell my brides to treat and condition their tresses during the months leading up to their wedding day in order to achieve a style that will last. Remember ladies, you have the hours leading up to the wedding, and then "I Do's". Ohhh and it doesn't end there ladies! You completely let your hair down, (not literally lol) as you are whisked away by best friends and family who are full of hugs and love as you boogie the night away making memories of a lifetime.

Now that I have created that visual for you and you feel that warm excitement, don't you want your hair to look beautiful until the last dance? if your answer is yes, continue reading....


Many of us battle with porosity issues, especially if our hair is color treated, chemically straightened (yes even that), or naturally curly. Lack of simple hydration, sun exposure, harsh shampoos, and vigorous brushing can render us helpless to that beautiful summer breeze. and if your wedding is outdoors, that's another challenge. This is New England and girlllll, without the proper care, your hair will frizz.


That being said, here are a few tips from some of the industries top beauty pro's......

... Many weddings happen by the water or outside. We can't predict the weather. Even winter poses its hair challenges, so don't think your December wedding has you off the porosity hook. My philosophy is based on year around hair care. Most brides are not my long time clients, so we have one year to a few months to get the tresses in shape. My go to for instant repair is Alfaparf Milano SOS emergency oil. This product is amazing and will smooth the cuticle with added protein and emollients to combat humidity on the big day. I suggest you strongly consider whether you should wear your hair up or down if your wedding takes place outdoors. SOS lasts many washings and can be reapeated every few months depending on how often you wash your hair. The ultimate goal is to have beautiful hair and skin year around, especially on the best day of your life!

(stay tuned for SkinCare with the Experts)

Here is what the experts had to say:

... "I am a huge fan of Olaplex #8. Healthy hair and skin is is important, anytime of year."Frank adds that hair should be washed a day or two before the wedding day. "Some natural oils on the scalp and hair are needed in order to hold your style, especially updo's" Frank also suggests finding a nice barret to pin in the hair after the veil comes off. "it will help secure the style all night and it looks amazing!"

Franks favorite product: Oribe Superfine Hair Spray

... Lawni is a wonderful hair painter who transforms tresses of all textures into colorful masterpieces. "I tell my bides not to seek color services the same week as the wedding in case adjustments are needed. Wash the hair a day or two before the wedding if they are getting an updo. Also, I am a big proponent of using extensions, preferably clip-ins to fill or lengthen the look. It looks great in pics!"

Beauty Union Stylist, Avanti Salon Boston, Yoga Instructor, Master Colorist

"Traveling weekly to see clients from New York to Boston to Beauty Union, I find a common issue among all ladies when it comes to haircare. I love Olaplex. Its a treatment which adds all over shine while restoring and improving the condition of the hair. Also, as yoga instructor, I stress to you that you must be in your best mindset leading up to your big day! Take time to reflect, stretch, go for walks, and enjoy each moment... it works girl, and say this with love"


Now that you heard it from us. let the questions roll...................


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