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Healthy Skin is a Choice.... Choose it.

People comment on my skin all the time. It brings me back to my Nana Viola, a woman with radiant skin. She always said to me, "I never use soap on my face" and it stuck with me. Over the years I have developed my own beauty secrets. Well, they aren't really secrets, but it is fun to use the term that has been said for so long. I did listen to my Nana. I never put soap on my face. I did however learn about Castile Soap and all of its beneficial uses. And after exploring years of home remedies, I learned about essential oils and their benefits. One in particular is Frankincense, known as the "King Of Oils". I refer to it as the "Everything Oil". Frankincense has so many benefits, it's no wonder it is coined the Holy oil that, in the Bible, was offered to baby Jesus when he was born.

Below is a recipe from my essential oil affiliate. Read on...

This is a great recipe for Frankincense, and it doesn't stop there! I can most certainly attribute my healthy young-looking skin to years of care using Frankincense oil. I have used Doterra skincare lotions and products containing Frankincense as well, with great benefit. One of my simplest options is to mix Frankincense with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a rollerball and apply to my face twice daily. I also place a drop on my finger and apply to my soft pallet (yes in the back of my mouth) which fights inflammation. And here is a big one! You can massage it into the pressure points on the soles of the feet to fight cancer ... and the list goes on and on!!

Frankincense, The Everything Oil!

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