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I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.” ~Mary Oliver~

It’s April

The sun rose at 6 today

I ran just between the rain and the snowflakes

The birds were singing their morning tunes

They don’t care about the weather

They still know there is something to sing about

Their outlook is positive and based on what is

No fabrication of what they’d like it to be

They understand the seasons

and that’s why they remain free

I listen to them sing often

They are a part of my every morning

Just as my grandfather loved them

And my aunty Debadoo

I do too

They know me and that’s why they sing to me

They know I’m real

As real as the life they know

Knowing this sits well with me

It keeps me looking forward to another morning

A morning where the sun rises and you know it’s there even if it’s cloudy and you can’t see it

It’s still beautiful

Beautiful to me

That’s why I feel free

Free to laugh

Free to cry

Free to be

Free as the birds who sing to me

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