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Neue Beige aka The Whaling city

What a day we had on the New Bedford scene...

On this beautiful warm October afternoon, only steps away from Beauty Union, I joined other lady-entrepreneur's for the Buy Black's "Black In Business - Pop Up Outdoor Mini Market" in New Bedford's Custom House Square. The sounds of the seagulls communicating above us complimented the sweet vocals of Candida Rose as she performed traditional music from the Islands of Cape Verde. In this moment, I could only reflect on the rich history of my hometown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

How blessed am I to be a part of this melting pot of culture!

I picture Frederick Douglass speaking at the Quaker Meeting House, or Herman Melville penning the classic story of Moby Dick. I see the richest woman in the world, Hetty Green ,(The Witch of Wall Street) creating her investment strategy. I see Lewis Temple designing his invention, the Harpoon. And I picture the many slaves who passed through New Bedford via The Underground Railroad in search of freedom. I see the waves of immigrants arriving to the quaint New England seaport after months at sea. Many of them came to join those who LIT THE WORLD! Much respect to the whale-men and fishermen who braved the unforgiving seas, risking their lives to keep the largest working waterfront in the world still #1 today. And finally, big love to my very own ancestors, who came over from the beautiful Cape Verde Islands in 1898, and São Miguel, Azores... Respect to all!

What a blessing to be woven into the rich canvas of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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