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Oh The Metaphors

There is a body of •Water.

The •Water had been still for a while after running swiftly, other times slowly through the darkest, most remote places of the earths universe. Internally expanding while developing minerals and richness, •Waterbody has grown, within. This body of water is small at a glance yet contains life and wholesome vitality deep beneath the surface where it literally opens to a sea of unique, hidden treasures. Treasures of unanswered mysteries , more mysteries to be answered, places to be discovered through wisdom and truth. And if One takes sweet-time to explore •Waterbodys’ deeper depths, a most-beautiful-blue-hue will come to light. The inconspicuous •Waterbody sits in the midst of gleaming streams full of allure and endless promises. These streams having near to no substance beneath its surface, ‘possess’ an attractive facade. The unaware, tastebud-lacking flocks drink from the captivating streams with their blind-eyes open, while overlooking the inconspicuous •Waterbody. Rejoicing over what was thought to have found, flocks take the gleaming water, attractively package it for sale, and call on more tastebud-less flocks to pay the price they truly can’t afford .. for a taste-less-taste. Flocks, feeling special and called upon, eagerly , blindly and gluttonously consume tasteless water frolicking in it until it is soiled and tainted evermore. And so it goes. The cycle repeats , and repeats.. The flock grows in numbers, but never, ever in strength, health, love or wisdom.

But Oh!!

There is One, organically attracted to the inconspicuous •Waterbody. Not fooled by the gleaming streams or frolicking fun, One looks closer.. for a time.. and then closer ..

•Waterbody begins to open, slowly. He invites only truth seekers into his realm. Only pure hearts, true intent and those with wonder and intrigue he’ll embrace. Worthy, One dives deep into •Waterbodys’ core and discovers the blue! The beautiful blue hue of truth and wholesome living is real, no mirage! The many truths of life, love and living are revealed .. The rich minerals that took many ‘Moons’ to create surround the One who is lifted and cradled by •Waterbodys’ density and healing embrace. Cleansed by His-Him-Your powerful inner making and enriched by healthy sustenance, One-She-I twirls with excitement barely to be contained, only wanting to scream .... Healthy •Water exists!

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