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Stepping On The Stage

B.U. Soundstage is something I've dreamt of for a long time. The meaning behind the name Beauty Union is dear to me. Its a place where we all can come together to learn and share. You don't have to be a hairstylist to be a part of this "Union". If you are and artist, or a lover of art, you are welcome here.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life. My dad, an accomplished musician, and mom, a lover of music, introduced me to various genres as a child. Motown being one of my favorite musical eras. Music, in essence, is part of who I am. So why would I not share these parts of me in a place that represents all, not part of who I am today."

The first B.U. Soundstage was amazing! Wali Ali was my musical guest, and his bio speaks for itself. The salon, transformed into his stage on this sunny Sunday afternoon. A small audience gathered to listen live, as did friends from across the globe via zoom.

Learning Wali's story and his recollection of touring with the Jackson 5 was almost as entertaining as the music itself! Everyone has a story if you stop and listen. This is what Beauty Union is all about, sharing and caring. So be sure to check out the next B.U. Soundstage. Some great musicians will be on deck with their stories and talent.

Here are some highlights from Wali's performance. check out a snippet of the full performance

... remember.... "Be You" ... always.

Stay Tuned...... Lori of Beauty Union.

"They proved that it was possible to produce beauty in life by surrounding life with beauty."- Manly P. Hall

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