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The Big Chop

To some, “the big chop” is a major life decision. The role a hairstylist plays in this decision is a huge one. It’s these moments that draw us close to “you”. And how we direct, connect and share our knowledge is so very precious to the ones who entrust in our skill.. our honesty .. our creative mindset.. and how we value their/our time in the entire process ..

This day was special. A first time client .. I didn’t know her. I wasn’t sure what she wanted. I wasn’t sure what her hair could do. She was coming out of the Covid

quarantine days and like many others had white roots.. a lot of them , followed by years and layers of jet black dye..

I was a little nervous about this .. We had just met.. but my intuition spoke and I followed my instinct, and her cues. I felt her trust. I grew excited as her new look unfolded. I was creating.. oh my it took long. We “chopped” and carved it gradually .. her spirit brightened and I knew I was on the right path.. in the end, she was so happy .. I was relieved with a feeling of accomplishment. And I was happy for her!

We giggled as we took these photos. Like two school girls who did something forbidden that turned out great! We went there.. a two hour journey that I’ll never forget..

If you are a hairstylist who takes pride in your work and really loves what you do — and the people you do it for.. well, you feel me right? I know that you do !

Keep up your great service and being you .. keep giving .. take from each experience and at the end of a most exhausting day.. go home, put your feet up, and smile .. your only gonna do it all again tomorrow .. :) and... #withlove


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Gayle Jones
Gayle Jones
Apr 02, 2021

Love her style!!!!


Yes!!!! So cute!

Lori Gomes
Lori Gomes
Mar 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you

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