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Winter is “Hair”

"New Year - New Hair"

It is winter and your hair may be letting you know. Your precious strands are probably warning you left and right. Does your hair seem dry or frizzy during the winter months? Is your hair breaking? Does it seem to be shedding more than usual? Let’s explore these issues.

Most of us worry about frizz and dryness during the summer months. We seek out products that offer UV protection and supply moisture, only to be left stumped when our tresses continue to COL “cry out loud” when Mister Frosty arrives.

I recall a conversation while taking a master class on the West Coast where the instructor asked us where we hailed from. She went on to explain how the different climates affect our hair. Being from the East Coast, where we have very humid summers and a mix of humid to extremely dry winter months, I tuned in!

Most people think only curly hair is susceptible to the elements. Not the case. All textures are prone to seasonal climate damages. That being said, let’s explore deeper.

Our cuticle is made up of a strong protein substance called keratin. It is the clear, transparent outer shell of the hair strand. Under a microscope it resembles shingles on a rooftop. It can lift open or close tightly. It houses our color molecules that determine our natural hair color. It also opens to accept permanent hair dyes. cool aye? There’s more… It readily absorbs moisture, holds moisture inside the hair strand, and loses the moisture when the cuticle opens due to a chemical process or a damaged cuticle.

Flat irons and heat styling tools temporary close the cuticle leaving it straight and shiny. Curly hair patterns always remain slightly opened due to the coiling or bending of the hair strand. The eye can interpret this as frizz because it does not reflect light like smooth surfaces.

  • Cold air actually has the ability to lift the cuticle just enough for moisture to escape.

  • Dry air offers no moisture, and will steal moisture from your hair.

So, now that you have some understanding, lets get back to the “cold” question. What can you do to protect your hair at this time of year?

  1. Stay hydrated! Drink 64 fl oz of water per day.

  2. Use Moisturizing products like Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Line

  3. Take hair enhancing supplements like biotin and zinc

  4. Use a wide tooth comb or wet brush to Detangle your hair from the ends and work your way slowly towards the scalp.

  5. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to remove and prevent split ends.

  6. Avoid prolonged heat styling and ironing

  7. Use heat styling protective spray such as Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector

  8. Use color depositing shampoos and conditioners to prolong hair color and increase softness and shine. *Contact us at for your custom Color-Blend shampoo and conditioner.

End Note: Here at Beauty Union "Beauty is so much more than skin deep". Treating yourself from the inside out is the key to healthy looking hair. Try it! We have your back!

"Happy New Hair" from us at #beautyunionNB

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